Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Migrations - the waves of birds

Two or so weeks ago, I was inundated with red-wing black birds and the following week with starlings joining the red wings. This past few days the grackles have arrived en masse - unlike the first few pairs of males that showed up with the other smaller black birds.

They have managed to devour half a 15K bag of mixed seed so far... in a short time. Because the weather has turned cold again, as it does in March and April in Central Ontario, I've been feeding them regularly. It's fun to watch them stretching their necks up and calling, sounding like rusty clotheslines.

Two large crows have joined this pack? herd? flock? of black birds. Not a murder, but a pair that regularly arrive in the morning and let the world know they are here. Two mated ravens who are also regulars float by occasionally though appear to be much more interested in the act of reproduction, (what a short burst of energy that is in mid-air) than in joining their black feathered pals.

I know that some people don't like crows and ravens and go out with their shotguns and try to remove them. They must be appalled at the number of birds that congregate in my trees and lawns, well over 150 I figure.

But it is fun to watch the flights, the restless manoevering and the search or patient waiting for food. They do hang about in the trees waiting for me to spread a container of food for the. And I get to watch the show... Quite a treat don't you think?

Enjoy your day today.  Hope you had a happy Easter or Passover if you celebrate either, and that this new month brings you interesting bits of nature to watch, to wonder about and to make your day brighter.


  1. We have to stop feeding the birds soon because it will attract black bears. Too bad. The red polls are moving north again. We've seen large migrating flocks this week. The recent cold snap will hold things up temporarily but in the long run there is no holding back spring!

  2. You are so right Bill - Spring is upon us despite the snow of yesterday still lingering on the ground. The spring bulbs that I planted everywhere yesterday are well sprouted. Now it's time to remind the dogs to stay off the gardens. The "rebirth" is going well... hope the bears neglect you for a bit longer I think you still have quite a bit of snow in your lovely wooded corner of New England? Thanks for stopping by.

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