Friday, October 14, 2011

This year's foals

There is a farm near me on the way across the mountain that has a number of black and grey horses. Often grey horses drop black offspring. Though there is a black mare in the background, most of these four foals in front have grey mothers.

As many of you know I love horses, I'm absolutely crazy about them and miss having my own. When I saw this group of youngsters close to the fence, I stopped the car and took several pictures. This is the best with the little mare with her white blaze gazing at me in curiousity - she'll make someone a wonderful pal some day - she's full of smarts. The others just want to eat.

These particular horses often can be seen pulling a sleigh in winter or a large wagon the rest of the year. I believe they are Percherons or Percheron crosses which are much loved for their work as draft horses.

Black horses always remind me of my big black mare Dixie. I think she was part Canadian and part Percheron. She had been used for pulling logs out of the bush. We had a great relationship. She was given to me by my brother one Christmas after my marriage had broken up and he wanted me to start riding again as a way back to good emotional health.

It worked.

And that mare and I had many an adventure. She became the lead of the small herd of five that eventually ended up in my back yard. So you can understand why perhaps, I'm drawn to black horses.

That little mare with the white blaze makes me wonder if it might be possible to have a horse once more? Not likely but it's wonderful to have dreams.

Have a great day - maybe fulfilling some of your dreams?

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