Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nature's garbage collectors

Nature's garbage collectors sit on the road despite the approaching truck. Most often I see them cruising the skies, heads occasionally lifted up from their close scrutiny of the ground below. Here they've found a bit of roadkill that turns out to be a baby skunk - the unfortunate victim of a fast driver who will now spend days trying to get the smell out of his/her truck or car.

One lone bird, as if defying me to get close enough to steal the prize waits to see if I'll creep closer in the car.
Finally it gives way to size I suspect, but doesn't fly far. After I've passed it returns quickly and guards the prey so the others will have to come and squabble over it.

Turkey vultures are not among nature's beauties. But they serve such a remarkable and efficient service I am always amazed.

They float endlessly it seems to me, in the skies overhead - though by now there are few, most having left for warmer climes. But their search for carrion and its quick removal is always remarkable. Nature's plan for this world, the balance that was created or evolved originally is simply wondrous and never ceases to bring me joy and lots to think about.
Thank you to all who have written to express concern that I've not posted for a while, or who have said "please return to your blog" or other ways of expressing thoughtfulness and appreciation for my musings. My computer, internet server and I have been having "disputes" over when and how I should be using the airwaves. It seems in the evening works better than day time, so for the time being I'll be posting around this time. I've missed writing, taking photos for the blog and searching for topics in nature or all the many pets around and about that might interest you as much as they do me.

Hopefully your summer was wonderful, the beginning of fall exciting and holding much to be anticipated, and most of all that you are enjoying everything that life has to offer. Stay tuned - if I don't post for a day or three - I've not forgotten and am just going a round or two in the ether ring of technology. - cheers Barbara

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  1. Vultures, crows, gulls, and ravens provide a valuable service for cleaning up carrion and human garbage.

    I have missed your frequent blogs and am very happy to see you back!