Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Checking out the morning

The sun was just starting to come over the hill when the dogs and I went out to see what was what on this lovely sunny morning. They had to sniff around to see who the visitors were from the previous night, if there were any strange passers-by and just what were those cats up to anyway?

 When we walked around the property I was breathless at how lovely everything looked despite the colour that has started to leave the trees - a huge strip of forest along the river is practically bare of colour now, exhibiting the bare brown branches of winter interspersed with a touch of green.

This is such a beautiful part of the countryside - sometimes breathtaking. I continued to muse on my very good fortune to find a home here. It was almost by accident that my husband I discovered it many years ago. It's filled with rich farmland, wonderful orchards and vineyards, many recreation opportunities and most important of all - good neighbours. Fortunate in deed.

Hope that you have similar good fortune in the place you call home.


  1. Your two dogs look as if they are in charge of your property! They really are beautiful. And yes, that part of the world is special indeed, rich soil, rich environment, and rich in personality. You are, indeed, lucky to live there.

  2. Yes the dogs own me and the land they live on - no question Bill... and I am truly blessed with so much richness... there's no doubt about that either. My sons call the dogs my children now that they no longer live at home, they tell me I will likely always need a four-legged or three around. I suspect they're right. But these two five year old sillies are great companions... like your two bloodhounds.