Sunday, October 23, 2011

Frosty morning

A lone Rose Mallow seems to hang its head with the weight of the frost on its petals.
For the first time in a week, the sun shone brightly this morning. As I walked outside to replace the birdfeeders which I must bring in at night to discourage raccoons, I noticed frost in some places.

The valley was misty with it.

Flowers, grasses and leaves were rimmed with it, like a sugar coating.

It was beautiful. And so before the sun got too high, I walked around the garden with my camera to share the loveliness of nature in fall with the promise of winter, but the fragility and glory of it prior to the blankets of snow and howling winds that can make winter tough to endure.

Grasses silvered with frost
Black-eyed susans dusted as if with sugar
Sunlight catches the frosted edges of currant bush leaves.

It was a beautiful way to start the day and a Sunday at that - hope your Sunday has been beautiful so far and continues to be.


  1. Heavy frost here last night too. But very little sunshine today. Wish it would find its way back, especially after months of record rain fall. Love, love, love the last photo!

  2. Thank you Wild Bill - that's high praise indeed considering your gorgeous photos of the wild.