Monday, September 12, 2011

The Fall Fair

What would a Fall Fair be without fruit and vegetables being put on display to be judged?

This particular post is a pictorial of some of the things I saw at the Beaver Valley Fall Fair on Saturday. It was a fabulous sunny day, everyone was happy, the kids were able to show their pets off, have them judged by a vet and also able to explore the other wonderful creatures that were brought to the fair - goats, horses, chickens, sheep - the list goes on. Adults enjoyed the fair just as much as the kids. The talent show and the 4-H dinner - members of the local 4-H clubs put on a wonderful meal for many - were a complete delight. What a great weekend!

And by the way - to all of you who are regular visitors to my blog - thank you for your patience this past few weeks. I've not been able to "blog" every day. However the plan is to change that and get back to my routine. Always love to hear from you and appreciate your comments so much.

Enjoy the Fair:
Pumpkins and other veggies for judging
Young 4-H members get their lambs clipped and brushed for judging

Mother and her babies having breakfast - though it's a bit difficult to see through the cage wires, these are tiny goats.
Baby bunnies had several tots wanting to hold and feed them.
Getting ready for the dog show - kids only!
Just a few of the heavy horses all dressed up and ready to show off.
There will be more photographs tomorrow - I thought to end this day's photos with my favourite animals - horses... these beauties were just three of the many that were shown at the fair.

Hope you have a "Fair" day today in all respects.

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  1. Fairs are fast becoming a relic of a long past rural age. It is so wonderful to see our older customs still being displayed and appreciated even in this modern, high tech, society. I especially appreciate the vegetable displays and exhibits. Such fun!