Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Help animals beat the heat!

Dear animal advocates, animal rescues, animal lovers:

Yesterday, C4P sent an advisory to most newsrooms and print outlets in the country, asking for support to keep animals on the agenda for newscasts during this heat wave. Happily, several news outlets have called in today, for greater detail, radio spots, etc.

Remember: ALL animal suffer the heat.

Domestic Dogs: should be kept in, minimal exercise, kept in shade, plenty of water, never locked in cars
Domestic Cats: keep indoors, ensure they are not somewhere outside trapped somewhere in heat
Domestic Chained Dogs: must have natural shade & water available - water bowls dry up pretty quickly outside
Birds & Wildlife: need water - for those who love wildlife, put a pail of water out - for birds, please fill bird baths regularly.
Livestock in pastures/barns: cross ventilation, natural shade, access to water
Livestock during transport: join WSPA and CCFA in their efforts to bring the plight of livestock in transports to the attention of your local Canadian Food Inspection Agency:

Please cross post this advisory widely on all social networks, and keep in mind for remainder of summer - forecast is high heat to end of August.
Please (politely) intervene if you see a(n) animal(s) in distress. Any questions, don't hesitate to call.

With thanks

Hello all - the above is from - Canada's animal advocacy network - please help where you can with your pets or if you see animals in distress... thanks - Barbara from Primarily Pets.

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