Thursday, July 21, 2011

Water! everything needs water - help with the heat

This group of baby mallards is looking for a hand out at the dock. Ducks are among the fortunate ones being on water in this heat. Many people who live in cities are now putting out bowls and pans of water for the wildlife, squirrels, birds, chipmunks, feral cats, yes even raccoons though I know they are a nuisance in city and country alike. This is a tough time for all creatures.

Please keep your pets out of the sun, little exercise, and make sure everyone including you, has lots of water. Never take your dog or dogs with you in the car in this heat - even if you have AC, when you stop the car will heat up and your dog will too - it could die... cats too need to be out of the sun.

If you personally don't have air-conditioning, find a library, museum, or public building where you can get cool for a while. I've found running under the hose keeps me cool occasionally - like a kid again! And drinking lots of water.

Please take care of yourselves...this heat wave seems to be all along the Eastern seaboard. My friend Steve Creek in Arkansas is experiencing well over 100 degree temps daily... and here in Ontario we're reaching the same.

Please help the animals and birds as much as you can... if you just fill a dish, bowl of pan with water, it's helpful to all creatures around you and will make you feel good too.

Thanks for everything you do for the animals and for each other... take care today and through this heat please.

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