Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beating the heat

It's going to be around 40 degrees Celsius today - that's 104 F - hot hot and humid.

The grass is dry, brown and crunchy.

My gardens cry out for water which I have only sparingly to give them.

The pond plants gather algae blooms daily.

So I figured it would be good to see what it will be like six months from now to make me appreciate more the heat and sun for which I will no doubt yearn in January. The snow drifts wrapped around my wee church actually do make me feel cooler.

So there's the snow, the icicles, the firewood stacked by the door, the toboggan that finally I had to send to the dump this past winter, and one year old lab pups. By the blue colour in the pictures I see it's early morning.

And here a bit later come the pups back from inspecting the conjunction of the two county roads where we live, and seeing what's possible wandered on the pathways in the storm.

Will I be thinking of summer in six months time when the wind is blowing strong, snow going sideways and  we need to wear boots, hats, mitts, scarves and down jackets, and the dogs are in their glory?

Who knows? but I'm certain that every day, hot or cold, stormy or sunny may not be tied up with a bow, but it's a gift nonetheless.

Enjoy your days - precious as they are.

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