Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting along

About a week ago we had nearly a foot of heavy wet snow. There were lots of birds at my feeders - especially the woodpeckers who love the suet that goes out, whatever kind I buy or make.

Usually when a large hairy woodpecker lands on the feeder all the other birds flee to a nearby twig or branch to wait it out as they can be irritable. However this day, the blue jay landed... it's obvious the woodpecker was somewhat affronted by the bigger bird landing on his feeder. But the blue jay ignored him and calmly continued searching out sunflower seeds ignoring its usual treat: the suet.

I watched for a bit out the window, marvelling at how in almost all species there are days when everyone seems to get along and not pick a fight, and other days when you better watch where you step and what you say.

It seems to me that this particular day of harmony is a good one for me to remember when I get cranky...the woodpecker seemed to take a deep breath, and then continued pecking at his treat. The blue jay the same and they left together allowing the little birds to land and snack.

Some days it's good for me to take a deep breath and carry on.

Some days I wish everyone in the world would take a deep breath and stop fighting over the feeders. That seems like a pipe dream today - but maybe one day?

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy watching the birds at my feeders, the dogs as they play in what little snow there is, and all the other creatures I get to see in this lovely countryside. Hope you get a chance to enjoy things as well, and that there's no fighting at your feeders.


  1. A lovely thought - share and no fighting. Isn't that what we taught our children? Thanks for visiting Porch Days and for all you lovely comments. I appreciate your best wishes!

  2. Like you I wonder if the human race took a deep breath and really looked at our behavior if we wouldn't act differently and stop fighting over the feeders.

    On a slightly different note we have almost no birds at our feeders. If and when deep snow ever arrives I will be interested to see if this changes.

  3. Thanks you both for stopping by...let's all hope for some positive changes in the coming year - and Bill about birds at feeders, it's suddenly turned cold and there must be at least a hundred goldfinches and their cohorts - chickadees, nuthatches, juncoes and woodpeckers around... but many people have been telling me that they too have no birds or very few... I guess I'm just lucky.