Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fascinated with fishes

The seven little fishes that I dropped into my wee pond in the back yard a year or so ago, are growing.


Could it be the food - floating here on the surface of the pond?

You can easily see the little rippling circles they make as the fish rise to swallow up the tiny flakes.

Originally when I bought them - they were "feeder fish" meant as meals for the larger aquariums that hold piranhas and other such flesh eating creatures. The gal in the pet store said "I'll choose  some pretty ones for you," when she learned that they were going to live in an outdoor pond...and they are pretty. Each one is marked differently. There is only one that is completely orange and one completely white one. The others have spots orange on the white fish, white on the others, sometimes banded, one is completely orange except for a white spot around its mouth... and believe it or not they have personalities. Who would think that fish would have personalities.

Some are very shy hiding with every passing shadow, others bold and sassy approaching the surface quickly when they realize food is coming. Some are aggressive being the first to grab the food - they of course are the fattest and biggest in length.

They have grown from the inch and a half little guys that I wasn't sure would manage the winter over, to about three inches long and one has to be four with a tummy of at least that... someone said - hmmmm getting close to eating size. Who except another fish or a raccoon or fish eating bird like a heron or egret would want to eat goldfish? From this pond? I don't think so.

Anyway, they amuse me, I love watching their antics when I first tap on the edge of a rock to let them know food is coming. Then they flirt with the surface, turning quickly, flipping their tails, darting back and forth.

Just watching them is also calming. It focuses my attention completely away from the chatter that runs constantly in the background of my mind like a B movie, never quiet.

May you find something today that will fascinate, or bring joy, calm, peace or just be amusing. Enjoy each moment!

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