Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hot summer

Along the edge of the swamp that has become part of the Beaver River, rashes of flowers have broken out. Among them the day lilies or as I called them when I was young, tiger lilies. Beautiful flowers that when I think of late spring early summer, I think of these first, lining roadsides, filling ditches and culverts, brightening all areas even gardens.

There is something special about all lilies, they being among my favourite flowers. Day lilies though with their wild abandon seem to be the most festive and remind me for some reason of freedom, of happy childhood days and of the wild beauty that surrounds us if we but pay attention.

They are definitely of the moment, each bloom lasting only a day. But their collective beauty gives so much pleasure - at least to me - and reminds me to enjoy each moment of every day.

Hope that you find pleasurable and beautiful moments in your day today.

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