Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And you're disturbing my nap because...?

Christopher glares at me with one half-open eye. He's been napping on the deck and I know is mildly annoyed that I haven't put out cushions for him to sleep on. That I'm now shoving a camera in his face is not pleasant as he is a very private cat.

I laugh at the expression. He's been rubbing up against Bliss and because it's so warm, Bliss's blonde hair is all over him, but he cares not. He's comfortable in the sun in this corner of the deck...please mum do not disturb - I should hang a sign out there when he's so comfortable.

Often he follows the dogs and me around the property, but never going to far from something he can get up on, a rock or a fence rail...if the dogs catch him out on the pathways, they'll chase him. Actually the other day I saw Bliss chasing him, but running in front of the cat who was tearing along to find a fence rail or the deck. Again I laughed. They are so silly together and have such funny little rituals like that.

I was away over the weekend and the dogs were in the kennel, when I arrived back before picking up the dogs, I wanted to let the cats outside. They came out together and looked around. I knew they were looking for the boyz... their buddies. When I brought them home finally, it was as if we'd been gone for months. It's always the same. They are family. Disparate species, all of us, but family nonetheless.

Interesting how family can just sort of happen, not by birth but by choice and how each member understands the other and certain habits and rituals develop.

I thought about all this in the instant after I received the glare from Christopher, who clearly did not want to be bothered by anyone this morning. And ten minutes later, just to prove my point, when I went out to feed the fishes, Christopher accompanied me as did the dogs who had to inspect the edges of the pond. Christopher searched for a frog or two to chase as he carefully walked along the rocks around the edge, staying up just a bit higher than the grass which is ridiculous because even then the dogs were still towering over him - but such is the ritual. And so our day started with sun and satisfaction - rituals observed and tummies full all.

May your day be filled with satisfaction as well.

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