Thursday, April 28, 2011

A bird of a different feather

Driving around the countryside, you can usually see all kinds of things you wouldn't see in cities and towns. The sight of a flock of emu is, however, not one that you see very often, certainly not in Canada.

However there is a market for them apparently and a barn and small field nearby is home to a group of these fascinating birds. The males have this wonderful blue skin around their eyes, and when I draw near to their pasture, I hear this incredible deep bass thumping sound. Sort of hollow - as if its coming from a great distance, or over an "echo mike" one with a reverb feature. I look around wondering what the stragne sound is and where it's coming from, when I realize it comes from the birds.

These creatures are easily eight feet tall when they stretch their necks up. They walk very slowly around the field pecking at the grass. They are very curious and several walk over to the fence, until "Big Daddy" as I call what is obviously the boss of the flock strolls closer to me. Great respect is shown him and the rest of the birds move away. He has come to inspect this new curiosity.

The dogs heads hang out the window as they stare at the birds. The resident "protector" a Bernese Mountain dog, sits across the lane, barking furiously. My fellows are surprisingly silent, until I get back in the car when they must figure I need protecting.

The emu move slowly and somewhat majestically away. I wonder as I drive on, if they are disappointed that nothing interesting happened during my brief sojourn on the other side of their world.

One day I'll see someone outside when I drive by here and find out more about this fascinating farm.

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