Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When we're very young

There are many horse farms and equestrian centres in this "neck of the woods" and I find myself driving slowly by them. I love dogs, cats, all animals really, but my all time favourites are horses.

I slowed the car when I saw this beautiful pair in a field at a large centre near my home. Mum was near the fence by the road as I drew to a stop. As I got out of the car, she raised her head, snorted and trotted away, baby at her side, the side away from me. I chuckled as for several minutes she shielded the foal from my view.  When I didn't move any more she gradually settled and the moved towards some fresh hay burying her nose in it. Her foal ran along behind her, flirting around, always aware that there was something different at the fence, and so not moving to far away from its mother.

There is something quite beautiful about foals - maybe all young things. As I drove to Toronto last week, I passed a very large standard bred racing barn. This outfit breeds horses for the track, and in spring there is always at least one large field with mothers and babes out enjoying the good weather.

My reward was to watch several foals racing around, chasing each other, playing and mothers as well, everyone feeling great to be out of stalls and confining barns, able to run and play in the fresh spring air. Too far away for a photo unfortunately, but enough for me to enjoy.

There's something about spring and fresh air isn't there? Everything seems to be affected and get a sense of well-being - and it shows.

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