Monday, April 4, 2011

April showers

March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers! It's raining today.
So this beautiful flower basket seems appropriate.

Did you learn that poem when you were young and parents tried
to explain weather to you?

This stunning basket of flowers was a gift from the woman who owns
Greentree a garden centre and gift emporium near here. It was
the centrepiece for a birthday party for our pottery master -
(we are all apprentices, about 20 of us) - an idea for her from some
of our creative group. We were meant to bring gifts that were homemade
or funny gifts, or recycled or re-gifted...

The creative gal behind Greentree also made a basket of flowers
for the Mad Hatter's tea party on Friday - again some of the pottery
group attending - but the basket then was a real one of a kind -
a cup and saucer made of twined grape vine and filled with glorious
spring flowers like this basket. I forgot my camera that day, but was
determined to show you what a ton of inspiration and creativity exists
nearby... maybe nearby you as well?

May inspiration and creativity fill your day today.

And about yesterday's little creature in the rafters -
it left secretly during the morning when the dogs were quiet.
Hopefully it will be inspired to never return.

So again - today let it rain inspiration here and everywhere.


  1. What a great find in these days when we are so anxiously awaiting "real" spring, you know, when it actually gets warm and stays warm! A beautiful photo!

  2. Thank you Bill - I went to Greentree's greenhouses today and saw miles of pansies and candy tuft and violas... I fell in love! and tonight more snow they say! oh well....