Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An indoor flower garden

The past few days have been lovely outside and inside as well. My hibiscus and Christmas cactus have decided to put on a show given the longer light and late afternoon sun coming through the deck doors.

I've been so fortunate with all my indoor flowering plants. Not only are there lovely pinks seen here, but the orchid's 46 fuscia blooms are still going strong. The geraniums which vary from lipstick red to hot pink are also beginning to flower as well. I guess it helps that I've given them all a nudge with fertilizer, but still it's terrific to have something blooming. I know further south there are crocuses in gardens and snow drops are out in the villages and towns here... soon daffodils.

The flowers that bloom in the spring tra-la!

Don't remember the rest of that song - but it seems appropriate for today - which is cooler, the pond is full of muddy water and I can't see the fish, it snowed a bit over night and the wind is really high... but it's not a blizzard. There may be sun later on, the little birds are lining the deck railing vying for seeds as well as mobbing the other feeders. The deer have helped with pruning the apple trees - I'm going to have to take my camera out late one night and see if I can catch them in the act - skunks are digging holes in everyone's lawns, moles have attacked my flower beds with abandon and there are tiny holes everywhere... but it's definitely spring. A truly Canadian is it going to snow again kind of spring.

I'm glad of it.

Today I wish you spring flowers, colour and joy in your day.


  1. Hi Barbara.
    You certainly have a splendid show or indoor plants.
    How about Tiny Tim's Tip Toe through the Tulips?
    Don't know the other song. I saw some of the white stuff floating down, my how I love the fickleness of spring.

  2. I have a black thumb so I am super jealous of anyone that can have beautiful flowers indoors. I kill everything. I try to be good and water but it never works lol. LOVE the beautiful pink blooms on your plant :)

  3. Hi Barbara,

    you have did very good Indoor Flower Gardening

    Please share some tips.