Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two spring stories

A visitor:
This morning the sun is shining, all the birds are calling and dropping by for breakfast, the robin that's decided it must nest nearby as well. So I headed out after putting out feeders, camera in hand to see what I could see.

There's a bit of frost on the rocks around the pond... and when I stepped back I saw the tracks from one of my nightly visitors... the tiny paw prints like hands, of a young raccoon. They're not as easy to see in the photograph as they were on the stone earlier.
The dogs have found one raccoon up in the rafters of the drive shed...this one is a tiny baby - not more than a couple of months old, who has been booted out of its home and must fend for itself. Wrong place to be. It was shivering and watching me as the dogs barked their heads off. It looked like a young cat at first...So the shed is locked for now. With luck the little guy will have learned its lesson and not come back here to try to cadge a meal of fallen bird seed. It will leave this evening I think unless it gets brave and takes off in daylight which they sometimes do when all is quiet around the property and the dogs snooze away the afternoon.

Something blooms:
And this is what caught my attention with its bright rusty colour and brilliant lime green and drew me from my computer and hot coffee. The sight of spring mosses! Blooming!

This little bit of moss sits on a log that is perched somewhat precariously I admit, across my tiny pond. The fish hide in the shadow of the pond, but the log often is the spot of choice for frogs to bask in the sun.

Lots of spring bulbs are poking their noses through the chilly earth, but to see something blooming today made me feel like singing.

We are truly blessed to have nature's recurring miracles around us every moment, we just have to stop long enough and be IN the moment sometimes to notice.

Wishing you many moments that are precious, today and every day.

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  1. Before I read the post I looked at the photo and was thinking to myself, is that a hand print :) I really love that photo and I also love the moss coming out of the tree, that is a wodnerful contrast!!!