Thursday, March 24, 2011

Overflowing rivers

A few days ago I was driving along the valley road and had to stop at this point to take a photograph. The river has overflowed it's banks and you can see the bend in it to the right of the small bush lot.

Three days prior to this there was no land showing in the little spit that has created a lovely long bend. It has been full of geese, ducks, gulls and all manner of ice blocks and dirty water as the melt from warm temperatures sent water hurtling down the sides of the hills we lovingly call "mountains" here.

This day many of the geese aren't in this picture but I wanted to show the low lying levels. There are four houses to the right of this picture whose backyards and basements I'm sure regularly flood. What a sight to have in your backyard! The high water moves so quickly, but the geese and other migrators as well as our resident populations seem to float in one spot and hang about resting up and dabbling for food where the water has soaked the land freeing up all kinds of grubs and vegetation.

Even when it's gray as it is so often this year, it's a stirring sight during migration. Many hundreds of waterfowl stop on their way north and south. But even if there are only a few, it's worth stopping for a minute just to admire the way that nature continues on despite climate change, human interference, anything - the endless cycle repeats.

Enjoy your day - and may something wonderful repeat for you this spring week.

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  1. I like a pretty photo of a gray day! I can't believe it was covered just days ago, that is amazing to me. No wonder the water is up. I know you will stay cheery through it all but man alive the weather sure does test you!