Friday, March 25, 2011

Migrating ducks

Yesterday the sun was out in the afternoon as I returned home from my pottery class. I stopped at the park just south of where I took the photos of the bend in the river a couple of days ago to see if there was anything I could get a closeup shot of.

These four buffleheads and what looks like a loon were on the river and took off when the geese sentinels started calling and everyone looked up, preparing to leave if the warning became more intense.

Since I didn't move too quickly and didn't threaten, all the birds except the ducks, just stood or walked a couple of steps and the honking increased. It was quite a sight to see these lovely black and white birds flying down the river. Their wing beats are so fast, I'm amazed I was able to catch them... maybe I'm getting faster or just more prepared. :)

Or more likely just in the right place at the right time. Some days are like that and things come together nicely. Then there are days like this morning when I had to pull two, hundred pound dogs off a raccoon they'd trapped in the drive shed before I'd even had my coffee.

But it's sunny and I'll take the day. The raccoon is snugged into the rafters, the dogs will bark at it all day and hopefully the near miss will make the critter move on. You just never really know what's next do you?

Surprises can be both good and bad. Hope any that come your way today are delightful, like my fleeing ducks.

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  1. That darn raccoon. You have the patience of a saint. I am so glad to hear you got some sun my friend. And YES surprises can be both good and bad so hopefully only the good will linger around you!