Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cheerful spring songs

This morning I went out into the gray morning to hang the bird feeders which I must bring in each night to deter the voracious raccoons. We (dogs, Christopher and I) were greeted with this wonderful rich "cheerily" sound.

A robin was nearby, singing his heart out and filling the air with the most welcome sound. Often I would hear robins only when there was rain coming. Rain for robins means that fat juicy worms are going to have to come to the surface. Lunch!

My rather told me when I was a child that the robin's song meant that its eggs had hatched and it was now a proud mummy or daddy.

Now I have no more idea today than I did when I was a child whether that's true or not, not that I doubted my father but he loved stories about birds and animals, but this song this morning... it lifted my heart. The sky is gray, snow is forecast, but the robin sang anyway. What more could one ask of a start to a morning?

Have a song-filled day/


  1. Your dedication to the animals in your life is so humbling and inspiring. You do so much for them and just have a heart of gold!!

  2. Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful guy with a terrific imagination. I liked the image of you as a child thinking about this. Sweet!