Monday, March 7, 2011

A little colour can change a day

There was something sureal about yesterday morning, looking out the window through the petals of my beautiful orchid to the snow laden branches of a Scotch pine - the one where I usually hang my suet blocks and a large bird feeder.

The fuscia blooms made the outside seem more real in a way as if the colour was in my imagination and the real world was outside the glass.

I didn't use a flash on the flowers pretty faces,, and they sort of look like dragons to me in this light - luminous where the light is shining through and dark and almost threatening where their mouths are... or maybe they are ladies dancing with huge headresses.

Whichever, I'm enjoying them... I haven't counted recently to see how many of the buds have blossomed, but more than half of the 47 are open and it seems like more will pop every day. Watching one unfold throughout a day is a rare privilege - what I get for working from home I guess.

May you have a beautiful day wherever you are, and a terrific evening.


  1. Oh Barbara, that orchid is so beautiful!!! I really think they are one of the most beautiful flowers. I bet the contrast with the snow was an assault on your senses :) You always find the positive in every single day!