Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gathering of friends

With the return of snow, many of the little birds have flocked to my feeders. This group of American goldfinches and common red polls came to visit and have breakfast lunch and an early supper.

They make the most wonderful sound, chittering and chatting away, singing to each other. You can see some of the goldfinches are just starting to turn that bright cadmium yellow that shouts "Look at me, I'm the prettiest!" their breeding plumage.

One little red pol in the centre seems to be gossiping with a small group. Fun to have these little ones around.

When I tried to count this morning there were more than a hundred in trees, on the feeders, in the air all making a great racket. And then there are the ravens...! I'm going to try some patience today and see if I can get a photograph of these huge birds who are polishing off the seeds that the little ones had discarded, I'd scooped up with a shovel and placed on the edge of the field next door. The ravens have dug up the seed and exposed it, nibbling away as if its popcorn and they're at a great movie.

Sun for the past three days! - don't mind winter if I can have sun! Hope you have a sunny day wherever you are.

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  1. I have to confess, the one thing I hate about the summer/spring months is the chirping birds. I am such a lite sleeper that they wake me up bright and early and it drives me crazy.

    But I do like brids and after I am awake I love to hear their little chirps lol.

    I love the photo, they look like they are starving :)