Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter returns!

Well what a pipe dream that was! It was just as if old Mother Nature thumbed her nose at me and all the rest of us who are ready for some green grass, sweet smelling flowers, colour in the flower beds, or at least a hint of green poking through...

Guess we have to wait - here anyway.

Most of southern Ontario was hit first with rain, then with snow. It was raining yesterday morning, but switched to those big fat wet flakes that are so beautiful as they come down. Cold and drippy as they slip inside your scarf and down your neck. I didn't try to catch them on my tongue yesterday, I kept my head down so I wouldn't slide on the slush underneath.

By this morning - well you can see it. Bliss and Spirit quite love it - they definitely live up to the original history of Labrador retrievers who were bred to pull post office sleds and workers along the Labrador coast from fishing village to fishing village. Maybe this spring I'll get harnesses for them and teach them how to pull - put them to work hauling the wood in from the drive shed instead of watching me do it.

So I guess we have to wait a bit for spring - and no doubt we'll get many more storms before it really arrives.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday - and that it's pleasant wherever and whatever you do.

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  1. You poor poor thing! I would be just about desperate at this point but true to who you are, you are still optimistic :) Wishing for warm sunny days for you my friend!