Thursday, February 10, 2011

Morning puppy play

The standoff
Almost every morning lately, because I'm not ready to go outside when the dogs want to play, they come to me after breakfast. One nudges me, the other picks up a toy and out they go tails wagging.

Bliss always is the toy carrier, though Spirit carts everyone's boots, shoes, gloves, hats, scarves and anything else that is loose to his bed when he's inside.

So Bliss goes to the horse bucket of toys and grabs something - usually a stuffed ball with rope running through it - from the dollar store, cause they quickly lose their squeaks and stuffing and I don't sew.
The attack and defence

Bliss takes the toy outside with Spirit following and stands there tail wagging watching. (the standoff)

Spirit attacks, not the toy but Bliss's neck, grabbing him by the collar, the cheek, the shoulder and hauling him around...then someone wins and Bliss breaks away and tears around the flower beds or sometimes the house. Spirit stands and watches - where will he come out and when he sees him he either runs or attacks again.

The battle goes on for about fifteen minutes.Tthe trophy which Spirit does't really want appears to be a dollar store stuffed dog that has been disemboweled with squeaky removed as well and carted squeaking loudly around the house being t by king Bliss.

The battle is the thing - then -

Spirit breaks free and runs for dear life - actually he is running for dear life because he is having so much fun just being alive and running around... he is one of those dogs who shows every emotion in his eyes and the look when he comes in after running like this is just full of humour and sparkle.


Okay let's share - and let's go get a cookie.

Game is usually over at this point and the two come to the door covered in snow with happy grins.

This starts my day off well - happy smiles all round. Hope your day goes well with lots of smiles.

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