Friday, December 3, 2010

Red bellied has lunch

A couple of days ago I posted a photograph of one of the red bellied woodpeckers that visits regularly. The pair enjoy breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner each day - so I have lots of opportunities this year to catch photos of them.

The image I posted two days ago,  I had decided was of a female, but my local birding expert told me no it was the male. That's just an fyi in case your interested. The helmet of red comes down too close to the bird's beak says the expert.

This photo isn't quite so clear - but I thought you might enjoy seeing how these clever birds - actually how all the larger birds manage to get seeds from this type of feeder. They hold on tight and curl their tails under for balance. Blue jays do the same. Mourning doves however seldom tackle the feeder and hang about below waiting for seeds to fall to the ground. Very unusual to be able to get photographs of these birds two days running. Must be a lucky time - maybe I'll go buy a lottery ticket!

May the birds be plentiful in your yards and on your hikes around your neighbourhoods this weekend.

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