Thursday, December 2, 2010

Outside, inside

Outside - it's snowing this morning and it seems like at least a hundred goldfinches and their colleagues are visiting my feeders - this one on the deck, the two on the east and the one on the west sides of my home. There are also several birds at the nyger feeder in the birch tree on the south near the front door - getting their fill of thistle seeds.

Eleia, the calico cat has decided to abandon her vigil in the huge bird feeder on the deck near the one shown in this picture. The wind is blowing and it's a trifle cold out there. She's perched inside on a window sill behind the computer, watching the action from there. Christopher, the black cat, has gone to curl up in a chair by the fire. Birds are too much trouble for him. I've seen them land at the dogs' water dish on the deck, just beneath where his head is hanging over the edge of the chair he's chosen to sleep in. He watches them from a foot away, but never moves. The birds seem to know he's know threat - Eleia? They see her they bolt.

These beautiful hibiscus blooms make me feel warm and cozy! Bright and cheerful on a gray chilly day.

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