Saturday, December 4, 2010

First big snowfall

My two dog companions love the snow - can't you tell?

They've been out racing around and now Spirit is heading for Mum and protection... Bliss (the blonde one) is far more aggressive though not in a mean way, he just loves to run and wrestle. Spirit is always on the receiving end of Bliss's rampages until he runs behind me, or into the house which is where he's headed in this photo taken a few minutes ago.

We got about four inches or more last night and it's coming down again, very fine snow - hardly visible. It isn't cold out there, quite mild in fact. And the birds are already checking out the feeders and seeing what's what. A big hairy woodpecker female has been pecking at my wood exterior walls (more filler will be needed come spring!) and now has gone to get some seeds from the feeder on the deck.

But it's the dogs and their complete joy in the snow that takes my breath away sometimes. They grab great mouthfuls of it as they run along the now white pathways, they roll in it and snorkle - looking for mice or just loving the feel of it along their faces...I don't like cold blowing winds in winter or anytime really. But this - I feel like the dogs - this is fun! (of course it's early yet isn't it?)

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  1. That is such a fun photo! They look like they are having a blast. Little Bailey will go out to check out the snow and then she is really quite over it and runs back to the door looking at us like we just threw her to the wolves lol