Thursday, November 25, 2010

The watcher

Eleia sits in my kitchen window hopefully watching the bird feeder immediately outside. While this was taken a year or more ago, the birds you can see in the background on the tree branches, feeder and split rail fence have continued to visit every day.

The snow on the ground today is minimal, but this silly little cat will only go outside for a short while these days - too cold for her delicate feet? Who knows. Her buddy Christopher prefers to curl up by the woodstove as well. I'm pleased - I don't have to chase her away from the birds.

The birds are delighted they are not around too and make good use of all the feeders, I must fill them every day. There are four out at the moment, and when winter is in full swing there will be several more.

So to all my American friends and readers - Happy Thanksgiving - may your blessings be many and problems few today and always.

And may you never have to look through a window hoping for a meal - not that this kitten ever does that - she's well fed believe me.

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