Friday, November 26, 2010


Today it's bristling cold, winds gusting up to 52 kph they say - which feels like 1,000 miles an hour it's that bitter. And with temps -11C or about 18F or so I think, it's a tad chilly. It's snowing too.

So when I came upon this image in my picture file of two of my old friends in front of the woodstove, Machu Pichu curled up and Zachary stretched out like a rug - it seemed an appropriate one to choose for today. This is how I would like to spend the day - curled up in front of the fire... though frankly I'll probably be wrapped in a blanket instead of stretched out... Zak always loved to bask in the heat and this was his favourite pose... Machu was pretty old when I took this shot and she always curled up so prettily - and again, this was her favourite spot in winter, soaking up the heat.

I don't put blankets in front of the woodstove any more. Eleia spends her time, when she's not out hunting, curled into a chair that fits her perfectly, in the guest bedroom. That's where she stayed when she first moved in with the rest of this crazy family so I guess she figures it's "her room." She always welcomes visitors though.

Christopher chooses a chair up away from the pups who seem to be constantly on the move going from the front door to the deck door to see where the Dread Red is at this moment.

(Even in the cold when you'd think they'd be hibernating, I guess squirrels need food for it's been around a lot already this morning.)

As for me, relaxin' in front of the fire with a good book sounds divine! After all the chores, I just might get there. Have a great day - hope it's sunny and warm wherever you are.

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