Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A new arrival shows his stuff

One of my closest friends decided several months ago that she wanted a new kitten. She began a search.

During her search, she rescued several kittens and cats and made connections with people in her neck of the woods who help and maintain feral cats - feeding them, getting them neutered and making sure they have rabies shots, but allowing them to live as they had, not penning them and making them miserable.

Most feral cats  stem from cats and kittens that have been abandoned or are barn cats that survive by keeping a farmer's grain bins clear of mice and rats. They are usually welcome residents. Many though, don't have the luxury of a warm barn. So my friends has begun working with the people who try to help.

And then the kitten that is obviously meant for her showed up. Here is the little fellow - I'm not sure whether it's a boy or a girl. But it is very affectionate, my friend telling me that it flops on the floor rolling onto its back for a tummy rub when it sees her, cuddles up and purrs with a loud motor for its tiny size - it's probably not more than eight weeks old, maybe younger. A little ball of white fluff.

Brave and loving as it is, it did scare itself when it caught sight of its reflection in the mirror yesterday. I loved this picture and asked to post it on the blog... What a cute little baby.

My friend has another cat. Apparently when the kitten saw the full grown female, it didn't turn and run away, but arched its back and hissed right back. Spunky little guy!

It's playful, and if it's a male - you can bet that my friend's household is going to be full of cat chasing kitten and vice versa... lots of activity and amusement for the coming winter months inside!


  1. That is SO adorable!!! I love reflection shots. It looks like your friend found the perfect addition to their family! So darn cute!!

  2. Thanks Mindy - this is my friend's photo - I forgot to mention than but I agree it is the cutest wee thing - and a clever shot!