Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love of horses

This is a typical scene from up Bonavista Bay (which means good view) in Newfoundland. Everywhere I travel I seem to find horses. this lovely dun, was in his yard at a tiny village perched on the edge of the ocean. You can see it on the right hand side lined by a lovely sand beach.

Horses are kept by many fellows in this province - for racing. They are trotters or pacers and provide lots of entertainment during the good weather. I imagine that they can also be called upon to pull a sleigh in winter if the roads are blocked and it's too difficult to get from place to place by truck, car or by walking.

Winters can be bleak in Newfoundland, but the people never seem to let it get them down. They are the friendliest most resourceful folk. And of course for me, that they love horses as much as I do, makes them kindred spirits.

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  1. Horses are such gorgeous and majestic creatures! This is a beautiful shot and framed by the pretty blue sky!