Thursday, September 30, 2010

Down the road

There is something fascinating to me about a road that you can see going over a hill and then another hill long into the distance as far as we can see. Robert Frosts's poem "The Road Not Taken" rings in my mind.

So I explore roads I've not taken - literally - almost always returning from places I've been by taking a different road back home. And in my work, I've taken the untraditional pathways in many cases. It has led to a life full of surprises, lots of joy, lots of ooops moments and been anything but boring.

This particular road in the photo, is one of the roads my wee church faces. If I'd turned around and taken a picture facing west - I might see the tops of the tress that surround it. I travel this road in both directions at least once a week, more often usually. But given the chance - I'll also wander down the roads that branch off it to find something new or to see what's new that's happening on a familiar path. So much to see and marvel at. Aren't we all lucky?

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  1. I really like exploring new places also, although not usually roads but rather places in the woods. But you are right, we are all lucky and the fact that there is an entire world out here to discover is fascinating.