Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First frost

Yesterday morning I woke to find that Jack Frost had been busy, but not painting our windows, instead he coated all the flowers and grasses with what looked like crystaline sugar. It was so beautiful  I couldn't resist running around at dawn getting as many images as I could.

The first frost is always way ahead of any snow as a rule up here. Last year we had a frost then months of summer weather. Doesn't look as if that's going to be the case this year though. So I'll enjoy what warmth there is.

The image below is one that caught my eye just as I was going back into the house - the huge bank of mist rising from the Beaver River in the valley. It moved sinuously northward - ever so slowly - and an hour later when I was out playing catch with the dogs, it had moved almost completely to the north... and was dissipating as I watched. Breathtaking.

Autumn is glorious even though it means that my garden is going to bed for winter, my fish in the pond will need to come inside - goodness knows where I'll put them and in what, the pond needs to be cleaned and the fire wood needs to be placed in the driveshed...all in good time of course. I hope you enjoy these lovely days as much as I will.

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