Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A visit to the vet

Bliss (left) and Spirit as year and a half old pups

Yesterday I took the dogs to the Ardiel Animal Hospital - my vet -  because I'd discovered what I thought were insect bites in Spirit's ear and it was weeping, inflamed and quite ugly looking.

Unfortunately the poor boy has a staph infection needed a lot of attention. While the vet techs were cleaning him up and putting on some soothing ointment, several visitors arrived to see the vet. They each gave me permission to take their picture. We missed a couple, but I thought you might like to see some of those we spent some time with.

Jazz the lovely doberman pincer is six years old and a pal of my boys. Sometimes she stays at the clinic while they are there as well - since Ardiel's also provides boarding and "doggy day care." There was much nose touching, sniffing and tail waving when the three met. She was in for an annual check-up.
This is George he is the resident cat at Ardiel Animal Hospital. He babysits the three kittens at the bottom of the page, curling up in their crate and helping them to aclimatize to living in such a busy clinic and to being handled. George has a heart condition, which doesn't affect his warm and loving disposition. George welcomes all to the Ardiel animal Hospital and inspects them all as well to make sure that everyone is happy and well. He seems to understand when some are nervous or unsure and offers comfort by staying with newcomers and being a generally calm soul. He is a most unusual cat.
This is Boomer an eight-week-old boxer who has been with his family for only a few days. He came to the clinic for his first visit and was a bit nervous of spirit's big head when he went to say hello. But while Spirit was being taken care of, Boomer crawled into my lap wagging his little tail and licked my and and my ear. Such an adorable little fellow.

These are three abandoned furry black kittens with gorgeous yellow eyes. On their crate it says "We need a  home." When I picked them up they each purred, one licked my fingers, two of them stood on their hind legs and poked their paws through the top vents of the crate. When we opened the crate door they explored the counter top and the desk and loved being picked up by the techs (as well as me)  who gave them lots of attention. One woman came by and asked about them. I hope she came back and took them home... they are so sweet. Too many kittens looking for homes, just like too many adult dogs and cats also needing forever homes.

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