Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Free to a good home"

Following on yesterday's pet theme, my neighbour's children have a house cat - she lives in the house as opposed to the barn where most of the cats on the farm live.

Much to the family's surprise, the house cat delivered five kittens about two months ago. Homes were found immediately for two, but these three wee ones need to find good loving homes, together or separately. The little dark furred one has dark legs, face and tail and the rest of her is grey. The two tabbies have spots not stripes on their bellies... sweet creatures. The kids will miss them no doubt, but they know that their mother believes four indoor cats is not a possible solution.

If you know someone who might like a kitten, please email me. Of course being the "animal lady" in the neighbourhood, my help was enlisted a few days ago... thanks for spreading the word, not about me being the helper, but about the kits needing homes.

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