Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My four legged friends play a large role in my life as you no doubt understand by now, but they also play a large role in each others lives.

You can tell by their proximity to each other... Zach sleeping along side Bliss in his bed, and then stretched flat out in front of the fire practically on top of Machu Pichu my little calico cat who was getting quite old by this time. I think the pups are about six or eight months old in these pictures.

Many people think that dogs and cats can't get along, that it's the natural instinct to be enemies. In fact it takes training and patience, but many people have both dogs and cats. The cats often only tolerate the dogs, but in my household for some reason there is genuine affection between many of them. Chasing only occurs when the cats are away from the house or not up on top of something, be it ever so small - a rock or the lowest rung on the fence will do - its "home free."

Zach adored all the dogs and would cuddle with them at any time. Eleia my newest addition was fascinated with Bliss from  the moment she entered the house and when she sees him, greets him nose to nose, his tail waving gently and her then curling herself up on her hind legs to rub herself under his chin.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was more of this harmony everywhere?

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