Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pups play interrupts cats rest

When Bliss (the blonde lab) and Spirit were about four months old, they still loved to chew on each other and on the same toy at the same time. Obviously Zachary - the hefty Siamese isn't too impressed by their antics.

Machu Pichu the little white and tabby kitty, snoozes on in front of the wood stove, totally ignoring the boyz and their play. Machu is close to 20 years old or maybe older in this image and was the last of four kittens I was given in the late 1980s. In her later years she loved to sleep comforted by the warmth of the fire or one of the boy-catz she allowed to curl up with her on occasion.

Zach cuddled with her often. He too was getting on in years in this picture and had developed a large paunch. When he arrived in the household at 18 months in 1995 or 6, he was a slender fellow but still big for a Siamese - I was told he was an "applehead" Siamese. Sometimes though looking at photos of cat breeds I wonder if he wasn't either a Ragdoll or a Tonkinese. Whatever he was, he was also a relaxed, talkative, affectionate, heat-seeking boy who loved to snuggle and be warm. Both these cats taught the pups manners and not to chase them, as did a young Christopher who - since he's not in the photo -  is obviously out hunting or elsewhere away from puppies who love to chase anything that moves - still.

Cats outside are fair game in the dogz' opinion, unless they are on the rock wall, a chair or above ground in some way. The cats are aware of their vulnerability and watch the dogs closely when all four are outside, keeping an eye on a nearby high spot, or my car under which they can duck.

Life is never boring in this neck of the woods.

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