Sunday, July 4, 2010


Eleia must be part Siamese because she is always talking as she is in this picture... nattering away, complaining or just saying hello. She is a dilute calico - meaning that her coat isn't the rich blacks and rusts of true calicoes but she doesn't care.

Her nature is friendly and playful. She loves to have her belly rubbed and she is a dreadfully efficient mouse catcher.

A nighthawk, she prefers to be outside all spring summer and fall during the darkest hours and spends her days snoozing in a small round chair in the guest room where I put her when she first came to live with us, or on one of the deck chairs in the sun.

It took her only a couple of hours to become mesmerized with Bliss. Her orange-yellow eyes followed him from her perch in the loft as she leaned, one leg draped over the edge. He too is enamoured of this wee ball of fur and muscle about 1/20th his size...and wags his tail in greeting when she comes in and chats away with him in the early morning before they both have breakfast.

Spirit also likes her now, but being the boss - he often threatens her by bouncing at her when she moves past. This is his way, I suspect, of getting even with Christopher who paws at him when he passes a chair where  the black cat lies curled. Often Spirit won't move past Christopher. Bliss ignores that though and sails through life a happy boy, believing the world is most definitely his oyster.

As does Eleia - named after the Princess in Star Wars for her courage, daring, agility and quick wittedness. She is an intrepid little cat, but also wise, learning quickly that the sound of a car on the road means she must hide quickly in the ditch or out of sight.

The interactions of my four-legged family fascinate me as they routinely enjoy one another or ignore each other throughout the day. Always when the dogs and I come back to the house we are greeted by both cats with chirps and tails straight in the air, waving slightly at the tip. Everything is almost always right in their world it seems.

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