Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No one's home

This is a tree swallow nest that has been well used. It's in one of the 13 nest boxes on my property. At least two sets of fledglings have emerged from here since April. These birds will build on top of a previous nest and always seem to use feathers in their nests, unlike bluebirds whose nests are entirely of intricately woven grass. Very early this spring, before the swallows returned, while I was cleaning boxes before the return of our migrants, I found a nest in one box that had been unsuccessful - there were four tiny white eggs in the bottom of it. Made me sad, but perhaps it turned cold early or the parents had been killed? For whatever reason, those eggs were undisturbed till I came along.

 The robin whose nest I found in my pear tree a couple of weeks ago, is wily. I've not been able to catch her on the nest or if she's there, she's almost invisible amongst the branches and leaves... great cammoflage.

I haven't had the nerve to take my camera to the bluebird nest box yet - though the parent birds are busily feeding. Last night I caught some pictures of the male on top of the box, but I still have to learn how to enlarge them in Picasa so I can upload them. I would think those babies will be ready to launch very soon....

Maybe I'll even get pictures of live birds rather than empty nests?

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