Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Keller is a part lab part border collie I'm guessing, since he loves to herd and retrieve. He lives in Ottawa with his "person" Rain. She brought him home about a year ago when he was probably about nine months.

Keller corresponds via email with Bliss and Spirit - all three dogs moaning about their people who won't let them do things that are fun... like rolling in smelly stuff, chasing balls in the house and that kind of thing. You can see from this image that Keller loves his ball.

One of his favourite games has been to run and making a flying leap on a loose rug in Rain's apartment, sliding to home base - that being the door or the coffee table or any other solid object that will stop him. He got very droopy when he was told no.
The following is from Keller to Bliss and Spirit - 

"I have lots of jobs, but chasing squirrels is just for fun. I caught up to one once, it was a baby, and it didn't know it was supposed to go up the tree as part of the game. When I got to it I looked at Rain because I didn't know what to do. We all just stood there, and Rain told me it was bad karma to scare little squirrels so I walked off. Now when it sees me it runs right up a tree. Someone must have showed him how to play, or maybe he got a good coach.
My best job is called "getting in the way". I am really good at it, Rain says. She pats me whenever I do it perfectly, which makes me feel good. She says she's proud of me for learning that job so quickly too.
The other job I have is to "make a nest" which means Rain wants me to fluff up our bed before we go to sleep. Sometimes I get a little carried away the throw the pillows, but she says I would be a star on YouTube.
I think that is funny that you found cookies and food. I opened the fridge once and Rain caught me looking around, but I wasn't going to take anything, although I was pleased to see she had two jars of peanut butter (one with my name on it). I ate butter once too. Like a corn cob. Rain just laughed and said I would have a shiny coat.
Well, I have to go sit on my chair. It's raining today. I think that's fun!"

You probably get the inanity of many of us pet owners, or owned-by-pets people rather. The world is full of wonderful stories like Keller's - a lucky dog who found an amazing woman to love and care for. But there are many that aren't so wonderful. Another of the animal rescue organizations I support is Cause4Paws. Every week there is a newsletter about animals in need. I'll be posting the next one soon and hope you might cross post - it helps find lost pets, and finds homes for the abandoned ones... it's run by M. Michelle Nadon - she's on Facebook if you want to check out her website. 

In the meantime Keller says it's hot - here is an exerpt from one of his recent songs:
Oh my tongue is hanging low
I am hot so so
It's hard to breathe
I knows you sees
How hot it is
Oh oh

I am a pup
With a long black coat
Summer aint for me
It's the under coat
I brush and brush
And still I feel

Thanks to Lorraine - "Rain" in Ottawa - a brilliant biologist and soft-hearted friend, Keller's person.

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