Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zumah and Koko

Zumah (on the left) is a lively intelligent dog, one of my friend Anastasia's household. The Humane Society told Anastasia that Zumah was a chihuahua when she went to find a new four-legged companion. You can imagine her surprise when Zumah grew ... and grew ... and grew into a small-to-medium sized pup. No chihuahua this!

Zumah was very shy and timid when she arrived in her new home, quite terrified of just about everything. But with Anastasia's large doses of TLC, encouragement and love, the dog is now much more outgoing and confident . While she doesn't readily cotton to strangers and might stand a bit behind her person at first, she enthusiastically presents her toys to be admired or thrown and gives lots of kisses to those she loves.

One of Zumah's companions in the household is Koko (on the right). Koko is intrepid. Koko is daring. Koko is determined and lets everyone know by her barking that she needs attention or a treat ... or ... something! She used to live with Edythe a nearby friend and resident in the same complex as Anastasia. Because Edythe was elderly, Zumah and Anastasia often took Koko along on their walks. When Edythe passed over, Koko came to live with Anastasia and Zumah and the two cats (their story in a future blog) with Edythe's family's blessing.

These two buddies walk everywhere throughout their new community having all kinds of adventures and making all kinds of new friends. They also come to visit us in "the near north." Zumah delights in leading Bliss and Spirit on merry chases along the pathways and through the grass in the pasture. Koko however figures that these boys are much too rowdy and retreats to a higher position (photo on the right) where she can regally supervise the actions of the masses. Such a funny dog - very cute with a big personality.

We all love it when these three friends come to visit - Anastasia and I laugh a lot and the dogs - all four - get lots of activity. It's always a busy, wonderful day!

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