Saturday, September 20, 2014

Growing things

There are many sunflowers growing in the grass at the base of bird feeders in my back yard. I call them "volunteers" because I don't plant them.

After a while, the  petals turn brown and fall off and all that's left is this:
A huge seed head with some of the little bits of flower from the centre left.
With not much left, the birds have turned to:
The feeder not the giraffes....:) Though the giraffes make good perches while waiting for a spot on the feeder. There are still some smaller sunflowers that are offering seed and it's fun to watch the goldfinches perch on the top and bend over the rim to pluck a seed from the centre of the seedhead... but mostly now they go to the feeder except for the few who prefer their food to be really fresh.

The giraffes by the way were created by Michael Pocock of Clarksburg Ontario, who is a gifted iron and metal sculptor. I couldn't resist them several years ago, and still love having them in my yard - along with the birds of course...


  1. I love the sunflowers, I am sure the birds love them too. The giraffes are cute! Happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Eileen - always love to hear from you and should tell you how wonderful your various sites, blogs and connections with other blogs have quite an amazing network. Happy week!