Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Around the area - new farm animals

Along one of the county roads I frequently use to get to town for groceries and stuff, there is a farm with a bunch of beautiful horses, all sleek and shiny in the sun, a herd of cows in the next field and sharing both... a herd or pack or flock perhaps whatever a group of alpacas is called. They were so fuzzy looking when I took these pictures over a month ago.

But what fun to be driving along and seeing them up so close.
 They are very popular in this neighbourhood, with several farms having two or three, and sometimes many as in this case. Also you can see a goat in the background in the above photos and there are chickens as well, a true "family farm."

This not a factory farm where every creature - cow, calf, horse, pig, chicken, goat, the list is endless - is on top of it neighbour and can't lie down or if it does it's in muck, or it's caged and cannot turn around.

It is wonderful to see small farms making a go of it. It's hard to compete, but many still in farming, particularly many younger families appear to be trying "the old fashioned way."

And while I was looking I spotted this cute wee fellow, much smaller than it's older family in the previous photos...suddenly...
 it turned and stared at me as if to say -"What are you gawking at?"

I had a chuckle and went on my way, no dogs in the car to bark and disturb this flock. So much fun to see.

And for those of you who have waited patiently for my sporadic posts, thank you for your kindness. It has been a tough couple of months, but I'm on the mend after a tiny six week old feral kitten decided he did not want to be cuddled, and presented me with needle-sharp teeth and even though it was so small it was enough to lay me low for quite a while. But all is well now. And it's mid summer, and the flowers are blooming, veggies are growing and I am so grateful for all the help I've been given and the kindness from friends, family and health care works. Gratitude feels good!

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