Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Revisiting a previous "neighbour" and some newbies

Do you remember the funny photos I took several weeks ago of what looked like a huge rug in a mound of hay until it picked its head out of the hay?

Many days I have driven by the corner lot where I'd seen this unusual sight hoping to catch another glimpse of it. Not until about a week ago was I able to catch sight of it - a him or her? never got the chance to ask anyone either... but suddenly there it was.
Lying down in a field next to the barn where I'd seen it before. It looks like it still might have that dreadfully long coat, hot and heavy. I know they can carry enormous weights, but that looked unbelievable and I hoped that it had been shorn.

There is a field near by as well that has an interesting assortment of animals and is on my list of places to stop and take photos. A lovely old stone house with chickens running in the field, alongside alpacas, and horses, goats and lately a healthy and large herd of cattle. One of the things I love to do is drive around through the small villages in Northumberland county and see what's out there.

Here are some new neighbours:
An old grey gelding that reminds me of one I had years ago and two ponies... there are a couple more in this field. Another visit on another day perhaps.

Hope you enjoy your neighbourhood as much as I am enjoying my new one.

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