Sunday, June 8, 2014

Four-footed neighbours in Elliot Lake ON

My friend Mike has often sent photos of the animals he sees around his home in Elliott Lake. Because we both love birds as well as all nature, there have been owls but also many foxes and other creatures as he and a group of friends up there walk trails, clean nest boxes, and photograph nature together. But this black bear is the largest of any he's photographed. Quite the image to see near your home isn't it?
I know there are black bears in southern Ontario, but often they are quickly removed by anxious residents calling the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Seems to me that as humans move into the areas where animals naturally live, we should expect to encounter them and accommodate them rather than kill or remove them. Instead we move them and eventually eliminate them by altering habitat and removing the creatures or vegetation they live on. Then we bring in factory farms. Land is scoured and replanted with genetically modified crops to feed the creatures confined to these farms. Some species are survivors - they have learned to scavenge: racoons and coyotes come to mind as well as deer in some areas, along with mice, rats and skunks!

Others have talked about this more eloquently than I, so along with climate change, which I also rail against frequently, I'll leave this and just enjoy the beautiful photos of these huge critters roaming free. Most often people only see in film, photographs or zoos. Lucky Mike, his partner Lonnie and their friends and neighbours and others who live in more hospitable environments.

Thanks Mike for sharing your terrific photography and allowing me to share them with others.

Have a great day everyone, and hopefully one day everything and everyone on this earth will be able to live peacefully together in a more amenable fashion.


  1. Great post! It is true that man has taken over the bears habitat. I feel sorry for them, they deserve their space.. Awesome photos..

  2. Great to hear from you Eileen, I agree we have invaded almost every place in the world... humans don't make room it seems, but expect other creatures to move over. Makes me very sad as well.

  3. Tell Mike these are nice photos! We are full of bears in our area. And although they are a common siting one never, ever gets tired of seeing them. Last year my trail cams took over 150 photos of black bears, this year not so many. The major logging job to the west likely temporaily changed their habits.

  4. Being an animal lover is great, but not all of us want to live with bears. That is why some choose to live in the city....