Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's that time of year

Everywhere one looks in spring, there are babies. Some newborns nuzzle mothers for milk, sleep peacefully nearby while mums graze, or even play. This peaceful scene captured my imagination and that of a friend as we were driving by a  large sheep farm a couple of days ago.
Closer to home, in fact hard against the wall of the "sunporch" to protect it last winter from the freeze, snow and wind, the fishpond is full of mating goldfish. I tried and failed to post a video of the wild (wild for fish that is) activity as the males chased the females, two or three to one, around this tiny space. It was hilarious to watch these creatures jump high in the air and then swim into the roots of the water hyacinth in desperate attempts to escape all the vigorous attention.

Sometimes spring, being the legendary wooing time of year, must mean a whole lot of activity for the females of many species. Not a time to laze around in the shade much, rather nurturing, grabbing forty winks and a breakfast mouthful as the season progresses.

Always something interesting happening in the neighbourhood, or presenting things to ponder as well as enjoy.


  1. Yes! Spring, so full of life. So much going on and not enough time to possibly take it all in! Wow! This piece really brought all of this home for me!

    1. The ultimate compliment from you Bill - it does seem to be busy and my back says too busy as I try to keep up with long grass, sunflowers from seed left in unexpected places, moving a snapping turtle off the highway - with help it was a big girl looking to lay her eggs I figure - about 20 years old perhaps, maybe older... and on it goes. But as you said not enough time to take it all in, we can but try to keep our eyes open, and enjoy - oh and the honey locusts? never smelled them before - overwhelming the first day and now a sweet aroma in the air all day... thanks for stopping by!