Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mr. Chippy's great adventure

Living in my office/den/studio since yesterday morning, invited in by Eleia, held by the scruff of his neck, Mr. Chippy has eluded my live trap and set up housekeeping in Granny Beck's Christmas cactus.

Eleia dropped him in the piano room when confronted by two curious and she says very nosey big labs who didn't mind their own business.

I found out about his invitation by hearing the scuffle on the laminate floor by long dog nails...(someone needs a trim I'm thinking). I should tell you that Eleia is a very fierce hunter – you can tell by her photo below.

After imprisoning Eleia in the Hobbitt Room, Christopher in the guest bedroom with much muttering and blaspheming on his part, and the dogs outside, I encouraged Mr. Chippy to vacate the piano room, and retreat outside. However, he avoided my suggestions and ran for the open door of the den. 

There he discovered the heat pipe and tried to climb up to the second floor on the styrofoam that I had no idea was behind that pipe - and finally settled in, figuring out how to get the sunflower seeds I'd place in the live trap, but not triggering it.

The second time I went into the room to get my printer since I had work to do, (I'm now relocated to the kitchen while Mr. Chippy sorted out just where he was going to spend the day) the live trap had been triggered and I checked it only to be disappointed.

I had to go to town to put a package in the mail - so dogs and I took off, with me having reset the live trap.

Came home and went into the den... Mr. Chippy strolled out of Granny Beck's Christmas cactus, glanced at me as he moved slowly towards the chair at the desk and then slipped out of sight under my file cabinets. He was very polite and tipped his hat when he went by and as I stood gobsmacked, told me he appreciated the sunflower seeds but could I please stop disturbing him.

Sooo this morning, I went into the room and opened the window and took out the screen, leaning it against the inside window but giving lots of room for Mr. Chippy to find his way out... seeds on the windowsill, door to the house closed. Heat off - 

He will likely disturb the screen when he leaves so I'll know he's gone. I will have to vacuum the shells and the bits of dead flowers from the cactus...he has been living the life of Riley for sure... but he has to go. I’m in eviction mode.

This is the second chipmunk Eleia's caught - perhaps they'll get smart.

And yesterday too, a bird flew into the sunporch/mudroom. Again, ever alert guardians, the dogs advised me we had another visitor. I locked them in the kitchen as I caught the poor little thing and put it back outside. The magnetic screen goes up today. Not only does it discourage wayward birds, but Eleia finds it difficult to cart her visitors into the house to meet me. 

And a lovely fat grey squirrel was rudely interrupted as he fed on sunflower seeds below one of the feeders - just doing his job of clean up in the yard he said later in a personal interview. The dogs had caught him off base and he raced up the hydro pole just off the deck. 

The dogs alerted me again with loud barking that the squirrel was trying to interfere with the hydro to the house, and could I please come and help them encourage him to leave, preferably by coming down the pole and allowing them to punish him appropriately. 

They did not come easily when I called they were so incensed by the squirrel's behaviour. So when I went to try to reason with them, I distracted them enough that the squirrel flew over my head in an athletic jump that any Olympian would have loved, and beat it to the trees, escaping the dogs' punishment, but not their hearty chase and angry barking. 

However, their job done, in chasing him away, they returned to the house quite quickly hoping for a reward... needless to say, they didn't get one.

Going to be an interesting spring don't you think?

Just thought you might enjoy a little story about life in the country.

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