Thursday, April 24, 2014

Farming near Rice Lake -

A different kind of farm - stretching for acres... can you guess what it is?

Not too far away from where I live, I have discovered a huge solar farm. It is a project of the Alderville First Nation. Having never seen such a large solar enterprise, I was surprised and really excited by it. Lots of farms use solar panels in this area and many homes have solar panels on their roofs. So good to see this kind of green energy being developed. And so close to urban environments. Maybe it will catch on all over Ontario. One can hope.
Spring afternoon on the farm

This lazy afternoon scene is near where I now live. Buffalo farming used to be quite popular up in the Valley but recently, I'd seen at least two large farms turned to different uses. However this farm nearby appears to be a prosperous business. 

It has been great fun discovering new things in my neighbourhood.

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  1. Ah bison! There used to a bison farm a couple of towns away from here. And I used to raise beefalo, a bison, bovine cross. Yes, it is fun to discover new places, it sounds like you are settling in nicely!