Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Foxes in fall

Something to remind us all that winter won't last forever even though it seems so.

My friend Mike O'Dell  and his wife Lonnie, from the Beaver Valley area where I used to live, moved to Elliott Lake - and found some beautiful places to walk and enjoy nature. Given that we're inundated with snow, today I thought about the fox photos he'd shared with me. Thanks Mike. I think a lot of people will enjoy the beautiful markings and colour of the foxes you've discovered on your hikes into the bush.

I think the above fox is different from the first one - Mike help me out here, I didn't identify them when I downloaded them unfortunately...but isn't it a beautiful healthy-looking creature?
Up close and personal - looking right at the camera - what a shot - a salute to Mike. I hope you enjoyed his beautiful photographs this chilly winter morning in my section of Ontario. Perhaps you are experiencing different weather elsewhere, but it has not been an easy season around the world. So neat to see some photos that don't include snow. At least for me this morning... since I'm expecting to see the real stuff, not photographs of it today - enjoy your day!


  1. Hi Barb, These are actually 3 different foxes, all young of Old One Eye. The last photo is one of them taken earlier in the summer. It's nice to see these on your blog, it does make me think of warmer days. It's -34 ( with the wind chill ) here today, so thanks. I still haven't seem One Eye , 5 months now, not good. She was sooooo beautiful.

  2. Thanks Mike - I will identify them in my downloads... I was pretty sure they were different foxes... but wanted to let everyone else know. Lots of people seem to read this blog these days which is really nice... but I'm glad that people get the chance to see your beautiful photography and understand a bit more of Canada's northern countryside... it is simply glorious - the critters and the landscape.

  3. Lovely photos, foxes are such beautiful creatures! Thanks for sharing them, Barbara!

  4. Such beautiful red fox photos! Thanks so much for sharing them. What a gorgeous animal~